Our new system makes selling tags easier than ever.
We provide you with a tag display stand & catalogue.

Tag Display Stand

This attractive stand has been designed to take up minimal counter
space. It showcases a sample of tags from all of our tag ranges:

This unique range of stylish new tags is made from
strong rustproof brass and finished in nickel.

Stunning range ID tags featuring genuine
Swarovski cyrstals for the most trendy pets.

Round metal allow tags featuring a range
of colourful images.

Stunning new tags in a range of sparkly designs.

Highly durable and perfect for active pets.

Lightweight, colourful and supplied in various shapes, colours and sizes.

Bowwowtags new stand

All our tags are engraved using our state of the art laser engravers,
and guaranteed for 5 years against breakage and fading.
Our Bling tags are guaranteed against breakage and fading for 5 years and for 1 year against the loss of any crystals.


We also supply you with our new catalogue, which allows your customers to view our full range of tags, and select which tag range they would like to order from.

New catalogue stand
We provide you with pre-numbered tag coupons, which your customers purchase.
  • No need to hold stock and you get payment upfront.
  • No wasted time filling in forms or faxing them to us.
Your customers go online to place their tag order.
  • They can choose from our huge range and enter the required engraving and
    delivery details themselves.
  • Fewer mistakes and less hassle for you.
We engrave the tag and send it directly to your customer.
  • Tags engraved and dispatched within one business day.
  • We give you a discount for all coupon tags sold!
Manage your account and track tag orders easily online.
  • New website and billing system for easy admin and account management

I found the whole system worked very well. I liked being able to pay at my Vet. Clinic and then order on-line. Many thanks
...Jann M.
...Kenneth M.
No problems. Very efficient including delivery
Excellent option
...Karen E.
I have had a few tags using this system and the old system and I find this system easy and I like the fact that you can see the finished tag. I love the quality and look of the tags.
Receiving a coupon code was very easy to use and I would use again.
...Tosh E.
Everything was very user-friendly
...Melissa O.
The whole process was easy and fun ...I had three dog tags and 1 cat tag to order, nice to choose individual tags to match their personalities and because I had just moved from a farm into an urban situation I was pleased when the tags arrived sooner than predicted so they had ID on them in case something happened to them
...Jo B.

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