Guarantee & Replacement Policy

All pet tags are guaranteed by Bow Wow Meow for 5 years from the date of purchase against breakage and fading*.
Lost tags and replacement split rings are not covered under this guarantee. Should you wish to order additional/replacement split rings, a small fee for postage and handling will be charged.

Our Bling tags are guaranteed against breakage and fading* for 5 years and for 1 year against the loss of any crystals during normal use*.

*Conditions apply.
- A photo of the tag and in some cases the return of the tag, is required under the terms of this guarantee. Replacements, whereby a photo of the broken tag cannot be provided, are at the discretion of Bow Wow Meow.
- Please note that our replacement guarantee does not cover broken split rings, faded tags caused by the tag having been chewed or bitten, or where there are other items attached to/near the tag. This causes friction with the metal, causing the outer layers of the tag to wear away.  

Please note, we are unable to make changes once orders are processed. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information you or your customer has submitted, or for incorrect choice

If we have made a mistake on a tag, or we have sent your customer a faulty or incorrect tag, we will replace the tag free of charge. In the event of a claim under our guarantee, we will request a photo, and in some instances, return of the faulty or incorrect tag.

As our tags are deeply laser engraved. Your tag/s may arrive with some cloth fibres/metal residue still attached, or even with a bold finish. If this is the case, simply wipe over your tag/s with a cloth (e.g. polishing or jewellery) to smooth over the engraving and/or remove any excess fibres/metal.


Orders are sent in a standard DL size envelope by regular post to the delivery address provided**, normally within two business days of receipt of the order. There is no tracking available and a signature is not required on delivery. Please allow up to 18 business days for delivery outside of Australia and up to 10 business days for delivery within Australia.

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept Parcel Locker or Parcel Collect delivery addresses due to orders being sent in an envelope. Re-delivery fees will apply should a Parcel Locker or Parcel Collect address be provided and your order returned to us.

If your customer has not received their order after the above delivery time frame from the date of dispatch, please email us providing the order number/s and we will follow up. We will replace any tags lost in the post free of charge, provided the delivery address is correct and if they are reported to us within 45 days from the date of dispatch. Charges will apply for replacement tag/s if reported to us after 45 days.